4 Ways to make email marketing in Adelaide more social

When it comes to forming a successful marketing campaign for your business in Adelaide, email marketing should act as a vital component. Thanks to the popularity of social media, it is possible to make sure your campaigns engage your customers on a one-to-one basis. By integrating networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can ensure your email marketing campaign in Adelaide is far more successful. It is no longer the case that business owners can simply talk to their customers without expecting them to engage. We now live in an age where customers want to interact with businesses, and that can be to your benefit. It is important that your customers feel valued. In order to do this, you need to make sure that you take on board their views, listen to them and incorporate their opinions into your business model. Here are four was to integrate your email marketing campaign in Adelaide with social media:

1. Use social media to engage your customers in content creation:

The best way for you to learn what is important to your customers is to ask them. Social media can be pretty handy here; by using twitter accounts and Facebook pages, you can issue surveys that capture your customers opinions and feed them straight back to your marketing department. By inviting your customers in Adelaide to share their opinion on your email campaign, you can do much more than improve your brand. You can also feature their stories, and make them see just how much you value them. By gaining their permission beforehand, you can make the most of your customers opinions. Featured customers are likely to share your brand with their friends, which gains you further exposure.

2. Add variety to your Adelaide email marketing content

As mentioned before, you don't want to make your email content all about the hard sell. Vary your text so that it features customers and their lives:
  • Feature the problems faced by your customers, and the solutions you can provide.
  • Kick off a debate for your customers to become involved in.
  • Include in depth testimonials from those customers who value you the most. This makes those customers who aren't that familiar with your brand more confident in using you.
  • Invite customers to provide you with reviews about your products and offer them the opportunity to win free prizes in the form of samples for the best ones.
  • Pile all the best and most useful information into one place and send it out frequently with your email marketing in Adelaide. This can include your latest news, what customers think and the results of consumer surveys.

3. Create shareable content

When it comes to sharing via social networks, people like to share content that they can relate to. So make sure you use this in your email marketing in Adelaide. Your customers need to know that you empathise with them, and by creating stories and solutions that appeal to them in that sense, you increase the likelihood that they will tweet or post your stories. Don't be afraid to comment on current events. When it comes to sharing, those who frequently use their social networking accounts are more interested in events that are current rather than ones that just pertain to your company. Draw the line at being too controversial; highly contentious topics are likely to turn customers off.

4. Cross link the way you share your information

If you use several social networking accounts to promote your business in Adelaide, use one to entice your customers over to another. For example, if you tweet a story, you can encourage your customers to read the remainder of what you are informing them about via Facebook or LinkedIn. Encouraging your customers to engage in social networking cross pollination increases the likelihood you will be noticed across all the major social networks.