6 Ways to get the most our of your email marketing in Brisbane

When it comes to enhancing your business prospects and keeping in touch with existing clients, email marketing in Brisbane can prove to be an invaluable asset. However, there IS such thing as email marketing overkill; if you use your campaign as an opportunity to add random people to your contact list and spam them, you will not see any benefits. Rather than stabbing in the dark, you need to build a campaign that is savvy and proactive. Here are six tips for maximizing your Brisbane email marketing campaigns:

1. Split Test Your Opt-in Forms

When it comes to making the most of the powerful tools that can benefit your campaign, very few are as useful as split testing opt-in forms. By testing out a range of variables on your site, you can easily determine which will be the most beneficial for your Brisbane email marketing campaign. Split testing can involve varying simple measures like where you place your opt-in forms, as well as the colours of your 'sign up' buttons. By doing this, you can find out which combinations work best, allowing you to choose one for your permanent campaign. If you are serious about split testing your opt-in email campaigns, you should contact a campaign manager, or read through our help section. Total Send has a built in split testing feature as standard. This feature is particularly popular for email marketing in Brisbane.

2. Split test your broadcast messages

In addition to split testing opt-in forms on your website, you should also consider split testing your email messages. In Brisbane email marketing messages are the emails that you send out spontaneously, and are different from the scheduled follow-up emails that you send to those who have opted-in. When you write an email campaign in Brisbane, you will be including information that is vital for your company's progress. This can include messages that announce new product launches and events. In order to make them successful, you need to make sure that they are as effective as possible. When split testing these messages, focus on features such as your subject line, and how you place your call to action. Don't underestimate the power that split testing your email campaigns can have. Even small numbers of click throughs can dramatically improve your ROI, which should be the ultimate goal for any email marketing campaign in Brisbane.

3. Request your customers' opinions

As far as market research is concerned, nothing is more accurate than gaining the opinions of those who purchase your goods or services. If you have access to your customers' email addresses in Brisbane, make the most of them by emailing them and asking for their opinions. Conducting your research in this way can help you make key purchasing decisions. You can decide whether to stock certain brands, or abandon certain approaches. By making improvements based in the opinions of your customers, you can significantly improve the way your business operates, and make more money as a result.

4. Be useful

Email marketing campaigns in Brisbane do not always have to be focused on the hard sell. When it comes to good customer service, it is often better to iron out problems before they even happen, rather than waiting to respond to them as they do. You can use your email marketing campaign to provide your customers with useful information. By doing this, you are far more likely to see them return to you for business. They will do this based on your usefulness, as well as the perception that you are a leader in terms of field-related knowledge.

5. Section off your links

It is very rarely the case that a one-size fits all approach will work when it comes to Brisbane email marketing. Rather than trying to stuff everything into one place, you need to try and make your email campaigns niche specific each time. One of the best ways to do this is to automate your campaigns to make sure they match what your customer at purchased. This increases the likelihood that they will pay attention, and respond accordingly. Another way to do this is to make lists of customers who can be grouped together. This will allow you to continue with forming simple campaigns, but without being too general when creating your emails. Again, segment your lists so that they are relevant to the group that you send your message to. As with tips one and two, you will need to split test your segmenting in order to make sure you are making the most of your approach. Varying the types of links you send to each group, or how you promote them, will allow you to maximise your Brisbane email marketing campaign perfectly. Once you begin to see your response rates increase, you can make sure you build on what you know in order to make your email marketing campaigns more interesting.

6. Clean up your lists on a regular basis

When it comes to email marketing in Brisbane, there is no point in throwing emails at those who are not responsive. Cleaning your lists is important, as it prevents you wasting time and money on targeting those who are not responsive to email marketing. The majority of list management systems will bill you based on the number of people who you email each month, which means you need to rid yourself of those who are increasing your marketing bill. The best wat to do this is to search through your campaign lists on a regular basis, and see who has not opened one of your emails for a couple of months. The chances are, if that person has been sending things straight to the trash can for a couple of months, they will not be responding to future emails. By cleaning your list on a regular basis, you can get the most out of your email marketing in Brisbane and save money at the same time.