Advantages of email marketing

For any business worth its name, marketing is an important activity, which cannot be ignored. With adoption and implementation of modern technology, traditional marketing techniques are dying off. This is because the emerging techniques are more convenient, very simple and have a greater impact on the market. Email marketing is one such modern technique and has several benefits to the marketers and the company as a whole. Compared to traditional marketing methods such as use of billboards and personal selling, email marketing is very cost efficient. For instance, with email marketing you do not need to hire many staff members who will need a lot of money as salary and allowances. You only need to invest in one employing who will be composing and sending the emails to potential customers Email marketing offers some personalized marketing because you can send custom-made emails. This is not the case with mass marketing methods such as radio and television because the massage has to be general to suit the audience. Personalized emails boost the customer confidence and loyalty to your business since they feel appreciated. Email marketing is also environmentally friendly unlike other channels of marketing such as use of posters. Email marketing therefore helps to keep the environment clean. This is a plus for your company as it boosts its reputation.