An Understanding of Email Marketing

email marketingEmail is an abbreviation of electronic mail. It refers to a coordination of worldwide electronic communication where a computer is used to compose messages then later send it to another computer. Marketing on the other hand refers to as a set of business practices which are aimed to present an organisations products and services in ways that enhance effective consumer relationships. One may then ask, what is email marketing? This simply refers to the use of emails as a technique of making your products or services more appealing to both the existing and potential customers with an aim of winning their trust, establishing loyalty and creating brand awareness. The use of email marketing has really changed how organisations roll out their marketing plans. Email marketing in itself is a form of direct advertising because it is channelled to specific audiences. This can be illustrated through  a company  undertaking email marketing campaigns where it sends its emails directly to the existing customers database or  prompting  others to sign up for the newsletters. Email marketing promotions normally work on an opt-in structure. In this arrangement, the recipients of the emails usually agree voluntarily to receive the emails in the marketing campaigns. The recipients can make this choice of receiving the emails when they are making their first purchase on the website. There are other ways customers can subscribe to the mailing list but the most important aspect is that, regardless of the way, the subscription should be voluntary. It should also give the customer an option to unsubscribe from email marketing at his own pleasure. What makes email content work? This is another question that should be asked in order to improve on email marketing strategies. There should be a value exchange between the email marketing company and its prospective customers. The information provided in the email marketing should be valuable enough to attract and win the customers trust. This may lead to customers' loyalty thus increasing the customer base. Worthy email marketing content strengthens the relationship between the marketing company and its audience. The message in the email marketing campaign should be clear, precise and niche specific. You do not want to send bulk emails to non-targeted customers where they end up as spam messages! Then, why should you choose email marketing campaigns? Email marketing campaign management At Total send there is a progressive email campaign builder that makes customers to be in total control. There are various templates which one can choose from to design a number of email marketing models depending on their needs. Statistics and Reporting This feature provides the customers with an opportunity to analyse their email marketing campaigns. This can help them determine if they are successful or not. It also gives the option of exploring additional features like spam complaints, web browser views, spam filter testing and  free email design testing Conclusion Email marketing campaigns have gained momentum in the recent past. Organisations planning to have a competitive advantage in marketing their products and services should consider embracing it.