Best Practices – Email Marketing in Australia

What is Email Marketing in Australia? How can we use it?

Email marketing in Australia is an email which includes information about an advertisement which is sent to a local prospective client, or existing client. The idea is new, but its use is increasing, and it has been shown to be effective to promote company products and services. Email marketing in Australia has a great impact if personalized properly. It is both an efficient and cost-effective way to contact people.

Is There a Difference Between Spam and Email Marketing in Australia?

While email marketing in Australia is often confused with spam, there are many differences between the two. Spam is typically sent to email addresses that have been obtained illegally and contains information the receipient is not interested in. Email marketing is sent to legitimate addresses to potential and existing clients that provides requested information or updated offers.

What Types of Email Marketing in Australia is Available?

The email marketing in Australia can be separated into three categories: Direct Marketing Emails, Customer Retention Emails, and Advertisement Inserts. The Direct Marketing emails include advertisements or promotional information which is sent to prospective or existing clients. The Retention emails include information like promotional messages, but are intended to maintain a long-term relationship with existing clients. The Advertisement inserts are emails placed in another company's e-letters or newsletters that are delivered by secondary sources.

What are the Positives and Negatives of Email Marketing in Australia?

Like anything, email marketing in Australia has its good sides and its bad sides. Positives:
  • Emails are generally more cost effective and can reach multiple people.
  • Email is the least expensive communication method to date.
  • It takes less time than other forms of communication.
  • The email message can be customized for your target audience to ensure the messages are relavent to who you are trying to reach.
  • Spam filters can remove messages from bulk email.
  • Emails addresses between a company and spam cannot be differentiated easily.
  • The probability of the email finding its way to the junk folder is more than 99%

What is the Best Practice for Email Marketing in Australia?

When used properly, email marketing in Australia can provide the best reach out of any other marketing options. Consider the following: It is reliable on any device. Many people are switching to their phones to receive their email. Fancy emails that include large pictures are not always viewable on a mobile device. By using email marketing in Australia with the HTML feature, you can reach potential or returning clients anywhere they have service. Reliable previews that are personalized The majority of those that receive an email decide whether or not they want to open it based on the sender's ID, subject line, and whether or not they engage the consumer. Emails, that identify who you are and what your company is offering, make potential clients more likely to respond to your message. In conclusion, email marketing in Australia will be the most effective and cost-efficient ways to market to your porential clients and existing customers. Emails can be personalized and dedicated to provide relevant messages to your clients, making your advertising more effective.