Bulk Email Service Standard Requirements for Action Intended Emails

NGOs and other non-profit making organizations usually send emails that are intended to provoke an action such as donation requests or action alerts. The action emails require a special bulk email service that serves the intended purpose. In most occasions, the action emails include a simple bold design and single message with links to the website form. The emails are intended to inspire immediate action. Although, a standard bulk email service can send this kind of emails, having a more sophisticated bulk email service will enable you to generate the best possible response. Some of the advanced features that you should consider under list management features include segmentation and data integration with other systems. The bulk email service should have the ability to divide your list into various subgroups according to various issues such as history and voting district. Under the administrative features, the bulk email service should have the ability to clone or duplicate emails. This is vital if you will be sending different versions of the email to different segments. Under the message building features, the bulk email service should offer the ability to merge personalized data, personalize conditional content, forward to a friend and embed multimedia such as videos. The service should also have advanced testing and reporting features such as split testing and custom reporting.