Does Email Marketing Still Matter Today?

email marketingEmail marketing has always been a very powerful marketing tool for businesses of any size and type. Through email marketing, online marketers have been able to gain easy access to visitors and customers, and this is just one reason behind this marketing medium's popularity. It is also cheap making it affordable for all businesses. Email marketing is precisely the same as the email system that is used by us every day to send and receive emails, only the approach is different. However, the question is: Does email marketing still matter today? Experts and small businesses claim that email marketing is still rated as the number one way of promoting products or services, and draw in visitors and customers to storefronts and websites. Thus, it is quite obvious that email marketing still matters, and there are several reasons why. With email marketing stretching a tight marketing budget becomes easier because it is so affordable. Unlike direct mail, there are practically no materials, production or postage costs. Additionally, agency creative costs can be eliminated as well by using self-service solutions. In comparison to direct mail, email marketing is twenty times more cost effective. With direct mail, businesses have to passively wait until customers and prospects to return to their storefront or website, but with email marketing, they get to proactively communicate with them. Emails can be sent targeting an interest, list or source. Overall, the ROI of programs that help retain customers can be singlehandedly improved by sending email communications to prospects and customers. In comparison to other marketing mediums, email marketing has two other ideal benefits as well. Firstly, anyone can create and send captivating email announcements, communications, newsletters or promotions using self-service tools. Businesses do not have to hire an agency to get professional communications created and sent, and they do not have to waste time doing it. Secondly, an instant response is generated by email marketing. The call to action makes it apparent to prospects and customers that they can learn more about a service, or take advantage of the offer, etc. by clicking the link. Generally, it takes merely 48 hours for a response to arrive after an initial email campaign has been sent. Unlike other marketing mediums, it is quite easy to measure the results from email marketing. Results are always accessible in the form of opens where the number of times the newsletters or offer was seen, the Click Through Rates (CTRs), i.e. the number people that clicked on the links, etc. are reported. Even small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage because of the web-based email marketing products that are available. Automatic tracking and reporting tools, HTML templates, list segmentation and targeting tools, etc. are included among these. Thus, business can get the rest automatically done for them while they emphasise on their unique message. So there is no doubt left that email marketing continues to prove to be effective for businesses. In the present age where many aspects of life have been altered by the Internet, email marketing is definitely working and does indeed matter.