Email Marketing – 5 Ways to make it more effective

5 Ways to Building a More Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing in Australia has been around with us for some time now. However, many businesses still struggle with this important online marketing strategy, mostly due to a lack of sufficient information on how to effectively launch a successful Australian email marketing campaign. Many of us are already familiar with the "content is king" cliche and need to learn more about how to run a successful Australian email marketing campaign. So what new tricks does a business that intends to launch an effective email marketing in Australia need to learn? The following five tips will help you build a more successful Australian email marketing campaign.

Cultivate Trust in your Customers Before Pitching

Well, guess what, content really is still king. Creating highly compelling content is no doubt the first and most important step towards building an effective email marketing in Australia campaign. It is quite sad that most email marketing newsletters are about as interesting to read as playing tennis with the net down. When you send your email newsletters to your prospective customers, the last thing you want to do is bore them with your marketing pitch. This is where most email marketing in Australia strategies fail. If your Australian email marketing campaign fails to get this first step right, then the other steps will make little impact. Building trust with your customers is vitally important to your email marketing in Australia campaign. To achieve this effectively, try the following :

1. Start Your Newsletters with Great Autoresponders

The autoresponder feature for your email service provider is a useful tool that should be used in your Australian email marketing campaign. This feature lets you create pre-defined sequences that you send to your mail recipients. In other words, you get uniformity in the messages you send to your readers. This is obviously of great benefit since your messages will not be affected by your hectic schedule. Remember that when launching an email marketing in Australia campaign, the first impression you create on your readers will determine whether they become your enthusiastic readers or relegate your mail to the trash bin. The first 10 to 15 mails are the most important in building trust in your customers.

2. Make Use of Personal Messages Right from the Word Go

Early on in your autoresponder sequence you should include a warm, cheerful and personal message (it is a good idea to do this at message number 2). Of course the readers will not be easily fooled into believing that you personally typed this message, but you will create a personal rapport with them anyway. This is a good trick to use in your Australian email marketing campaign, just as Jeff Walker, founder of Product Launch Formula, teaches. You should ask your readers for feedback, questions about your products and also tell them that you are looking forward to hearing from them. It is advisable to use text only in this message as opposed to using HTML.

3. Request Your Readers to White-List You

If you need the mail that you send in your email marketing in Australia campaign to get read by your intended audience and not end up in their spam boxes, then brace yourself for some cajoling. Email providers are not perfect and no matter how genuine your mail is, it could still inadvertently find its way into your readers' spam boxes. Ask your readers to add you to their "White List" or "Safe Senders List". Of course not all your readers will readily agree to this, but some will do this right away. Some might do it later if they find your mail in their spam boxes. The bottom line is that doing this is much better that just quietly hoping that your readers will figure it out by themselves. Overtly commercial messages are more likely than not to be flagged down by your readers' email providers, so it is advisable to inform your readers to put you in their white list well in advance. In any case, they are likely to appreciate your honesty since most email marketers tend to just bombard their readers with messages hoping they somehow read them. It is OK to ask them to do this again in future just in case some of them forgot to.

4. Remember to Personally Respond to Your Readers' Mail

When running an email marketing in Australia campaign, remember that it is not enough to just use autoresponders to reply to your readers' questions. That just won't cut it. Make sure that a real person is there to provide well-thought-out answers. You can either do this yourself or hire someone to do it. Instead of using your company name in your mail's "From" field, use your own name. This gives your mails a more personal feel. Do anything to give this important aspect in your Australian email marketing campaign. A good trick to use is to ask your readers to just click "Reply" to your mail when they want to ask a question. This simple trick can increase the number of responses from your readers. Getting feedback from your customers is a great way to know what they want and how they really feel about your products.

5. Avoid Spam Triggers at All Costs

If you hope to run a successful Australian email marketing campaign, it is advisable to avoid spammy content. A good number of email providers have a way of letting their users know if their content is likely to be flagged down as spam. It is quite unfortunate that some words and phrases with the greatest selling power are also some of the worst offenders and can hardly pass the spam filters' watchful scan. A common spam phrase is the invitation to your readers to "click here". While this gets better results for the email marketer, it is readily classified as spam by most email providers. Instead of putting long sales messages into an individual email, it is advisable to place it in your website's landing page. This way, you can still use many marketing tricks and marketing language without risking being flagged down by your readers' spam filters.