Email Marketing a Tried and Tested Strategy Yielding Maximum Results

email marketingOf all the different marketing strategies available to a business, email marketing is the one which is still delivering the highest return on investment. It is a fact, that after so many years, email marketing is still the most effective way to keep in touch with customers and keep them loyal to your products and services. Of course you also need targeted landing pages for the deals and promotions you are offering, and the messaging on these landing pages needs to be customised to address the needs of those people clicking on certain links to find out more.

Keep Track of Your Email Marketing Campaign

The beauty of having email marketing software is that you can always have up-to-the-minute feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You will be able to know how many email message were actually opened and also the number of clicks that were generated from the message. Because of this valuable information, email marketers are constantly analysing their stats in order to always be providing their customers with  high quality email marketing  information to a targeted list of contacts.

Maintaining a High Quality Target List

A targeted list of contacts in itself is an important component of email marketing; maintaining a high quality contact list. Mailing lists always have recipients who don't open emails and they actually reduce the accuracy of your open, click and conversion rates. It is important to maintain these contact lists, and this sometimes means not just immediately deleting inactive subscribers. It means putting them aside in another list; a list which you can work on again and find ways to persuade those particular people to become active again.

Getting your Email Message into the Right Inbox

Some people are inclined to think that email marketing is essentially about making sales, but this is only partly true. Email marketing is about keeping in touch, providing useful and interesting information surrounding your business and letting customers know about ways they can benefit from being connected to your business. They get to hear about special deals and promotions. All advertisements and messages can be either text, HTML or media. There are certain things that make direct email marketing different from spam and one of these is what is known as customer segmentation, ensuring the message is sent to only those people who will be interested in the information. In other words the email is personalised to suit the customer's specific interests and wants. The person's name is used so that the reader feels as if the company cares about the things they are interested in. Direct email marketing is most times permission-based, opt-in mail.  Permission from subscribers is actually mandatory for legitimate email marketing.

Don't be seen as Junk

Email marketers have to be careful, they have to know how to make sure their emails are not seen as junk mail, cluttering up an inbox and simply doing damage to their reputation. Non permission-based email campaigns are not worth it, and these days spam filters can determine whether to actually deliver your email campaign to the recipient's inbox or not.

Email Marketing That Shines

Standing out and being noticed isn't easy when you are one email among many. Fortunately, with email marketing, there are ways that you can avoid people deleting your email just because it didn't stand out in a way that appealed to them. There are essential basic guidelines and advice available for any email marketing company to avoid the disappointment of  'unsubscribe-customers', and Total Send can help you get the best out of your email marketing, win new customers and keep the loyalty of old ones.