Email Marketing in Brisbane can boost sales by 100%

The use of email for marketing purposes is widely recommended for businesses to grow their customer bases and increase their sales. This is why we often recommend email marketing in Brisbane to our clients. As a means of proving its effectiveness, we took a poll of our customers. The results were both intriguing and useful.
  • Almost 70 percent of businesses get up to a tenth of their sales from email marketing.
  • The conversion rates are often as high as five percent.
  • Three-quarters of businesses that use email marketing in Brisbane, make use of specialised software to manage their email marketing campaigns.
  • Half of the businesses surveyed sent out monthly newsletters.
  • The most effective email marketing methods were those that promoted discounts and seasonal offers.
  • Almost a third of businesses sent their emails as plain text, with no graphics.
While most may already be already aware of the power of email marketing in Brisbane, these results are still important as solid proof of exactly how useful it can be. However, for email marketing in Brisbane to be truly effective, it will have to be directed at the right audience. An email marketing campaign will also have to be run carefully, with lots of attention paid to its details.

Using Your Existing Customer-Base

The customers you already have are your most valuable resource. They have already done business with you and are happy with your product or service, therefore they are more likely to respond positively to an email marketing campaign. You cannot afford to take their trust for granted.

Improved Conversions

In most cases, an online store will convert about one percent of its visitors, email marketing triples that and may even quintuple it. That is a three to five hundred percent improvement.

The Importance of Timing

When you send out your messages is an important part of email marketing in Brisbane. You need to focus on the time of year and 'Available for a limited time' types of offers. Direct your marketing efforts at the customers who may find this kind of advertising appealing. Marketing to those who have purchased the same types of items at the same time in the previous year is a good place to start.

Become More Efficient

There are many tools out there that can assist you in managing an email marketing campaign. These tools can automate such tasks as unsubscribing users, calculating metrics (so you can gauge the success of your campaign) and other aspects of email marketing in Brisbane that might otherwise be tedious or time consuming. Interpsire Email marketer is one of the best software tools for this and this and is what we suggest you use. Using email campaign tools will streamline your email marketing in Brisbane and elsewhere.

Act Now and Figure it Out Along the Way

While perfectionism is something worth striving for, sometimes by focusing on that, it is possible to miss out on other opportunities. Send out emails to the best of your ability. See how well they do, and improve them as you encounter deficiencies. Use whatever is effective, and get rid of what is not.