Email Marketing in Melbourne – 5 Tips for building a quality email database

Tips for Creating Effective Email Marketing Lists in Melbourne

Email marketing in Melbourne can boost your exposure on the internet throughout the world, and increase the amount of product you sell. It is not a good idea to rely only on visitors to your website to get a headcount of possible customers. You have no way of knowing whether a one-time visitor is ever going to stop by your website again. If you compile a document containing the email addresses of both people who have already bought your product and those who may be interested in buying your products, that uncertainty vanishes. You can send information to the people on that list knowing that you are sending messages to people with whom you have a good chance of making a sale. It isn't difficult to begin reaping the benefits of effective email marketing in Melbourne. Here are five tips to get you started in creating positive sales relationships with people who want your product.

1. It All Starts With An "opt-in" form.

A simple and frequently used way to build an email sales list in Melbourne is to put an opt-in form on a prominent place on your homepage. Make sure your visitors see it the moment they arrive, with no need to scroll down. The people who do opt-in are self selecting repeat customers. They want what you have to offer. Total Send has a built in opt-in form generator code that is available to any business looking for email marketing in Melbourne. From $38 a month, it is a very an affordable and cost effective solution. Should your list grow beyond 5,000 subscribers you can upgrade your account at any time. The messages you send, the emails you have on file, and the separate lists you manage are all easy to handle with the Total Send's email marketing service in Melbourne. Total Send's help section on our website will aid you in perfecting the setup of your account. When designing an opt-in form, remember:
  • Don't require too much information to opt in. In most cases, if you ask for only one name in addition to an email address, you will get the most participants.
  • Sweeten the deal by offering an incentive to people who sign up for emails from you. You may choose to provide a coupon code or free literature to people who sign up.
  • Total Send's email marketing service in Melbourne also suggest you should "split test" your opt-in form. This gives you the chance to create two different forms, use them on randomly selected visitors, and view data about which design was more successful in getting people to sign up.

2. The Checkout Process

It makes sense to offer a current customer a way to keep tabs on your future products. They've already chosen you once, after all. Repeat customers can be a valuable resource for your business. Your shopping cart provider should be able to answer your questions about including an opt-in in your checkout process. They can help make the experience of checking out and having the option to sign up for an email list smooth and seamless. If your shopping cart provider doesn't offer this service, don't worry. Total Send's email marketing service in Melbourne can be used as an add-on to your current shopping cart and is not expensive. With prices starting from $38 per month, it is a smart investment choice to bolster your checkout process with the chance for your customer to remain connected to your business.

3. Your About Page

Your homepage isn't the only place visitors look. A second opt-in form, included on your About page, could boost your number of sign-ups. People who take the time to visit your About page are often intrigued by what you do. You can present your email list as a way to get to know you and your product further.

4. The Comments Section

Does your business run a blog? If it does, include an opt-in for people who comment. People who comment are taking action to remark on something that you have provided. They may be interested in staying connected with your business. Total Send email marketing in Melbourne gives you the tools to add this opt-in to your comments section with almost no effort. From only $38 per month, you can add the option to your current service.

5. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups work. They are found on many of the most visited sites on the web. They can also work for you. What you want is to give people visiting your site a noticeable chance to opt in. You aren't trying to force visitors to do anything, just to get their attention. Make certain that your choice to use pop-ups is benefiting you. Keeping track of your metrics with the help of Total Send email marketing in Melbourne is the only way to be sure you aren't pushing away visitors by putting opt-ins in pop-up form. Is it increasing the size of your email subscription list or not? Is there an increase in your bounce rate? The answer to the first question should be yes, the second question, no.