Email Marketing Melbourne – 5 Tips to Increase your open rate

Many businesses have now recognised the importance of email marketing in Melbourne, and have engaged the technique as a means of promoting their business. An eMarketer report indicates that 97% of small businesses use the online marketing technique to target prospects and clients. Like all marketing techniques, there are always ways to maximise on your email marketing campaign. An email marketing Melbourne campaign is of very little benefit if no one opens your mail, reads the content and follows up. Many marketers have difficulty getting a high open rate. An important element for achieving a high open rate for your email marketing in Melbourne campaign may lie in the creation and execution of an effective marketing strategy. This must be built on proper segmentation through a deep understanding of the customer base, their needs and their habits.

Five Ways to Increase the Open Rates for Email Marketing in Melbourne.

1. Create a Good First Impression Two things will jump out at the recipients when they see your email, who it is coming from and the subject line. These are your first tools for creating a first impression. They can make or break your email campaign. The Sender: Personalize the 'from' field by using the name of someone in the company, such as the CEO or marketing manager as the sender. Personalized emails will have a significant impact on your open rate. The Subject Line: This builds the recipient's curiosity to the point of deciding whether or not they want to learn more. The email marketing service Total Send ( provides the following tips as guides to creating an effective subject line.
  • Avoid words or phrases such as free, help, percent off, reminder.
  • Giving a location such as a city name can help to increase your open rates.
  • Newsletters that constantly showcase the same subject line for each subscription can decrease your open rates.
  • Fifty characters or less is enough to create a strong subject line. Exceptions can be made for highly targeted audiences.
You can study here for more examples and ideas. 2. Timing is Important Perfect timing is an important factor in any email marketing Melbourne campaign. The tactic is developed through the use of common sense and experimenting. Emails sent too early in the morning may have to compete with other emails sent late at night or later in the morning. Those sent late in the afternoon may get pushed back for reading the following morning and may become lost under the other emails that come in during that time. Send emails based on the type of business you operate and your target audience. B2C emails may best be sent during lunch or after work, while B2B ones may best be sent in the afternoon or at 7 or 8 in the morning when that audience may be going through their emails. 3. Avoid Spam Filter Traps Spam filters use a large list of criteria to determine the spam score of the emails you send. If the total spam score for your email marketing Melbourne campaign is above the threshold, it will be sent to the Spam inbox. Avoid using:
  • Too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!
  • Spammy phrases eg. 'Once in a lifetime opportunity!'
  • Sloppy HTML
  • ALL CAPS wordings
Additional tips can be found at SpamAssassin. 4. Get Rid of Inactive Subscribers Total Send email services sends a report that helps you determine which subscribers rarely or never open your email and bounce mails. You can drop the subscriber, but do not lose their email. Another option is to find the source from which the subscriber originated then try to develop a more targeted campaign. 5. Revamp and Refine Your Sign Up Process and Email Targeting Your email marketing Melbourne campaign should make it easy for potential customers to sign up if they want to receive email correspondence from you. Having well-defined and refined campaign targets will produce more success. An effective strategy for tracking and increasing your success rate is to divide your targets according to their industry and job roles, then use a specific campaign aimed at nuturing the relevant prospects and influencers.