Email Marketing Software and How To Choose It

  email marketing software No matter how good your email marketing campaign is in terms of content, or how big your subscriber list is, if you do not possess the proper tools to send it and then check the results (i.e. the correct email marketing software), all of your hard work will be for nothing. Email marketing software’s purpose is to make this simpler and more beneficial. There are a large number of companies offering diverse email marketing software. Some of them can be integrated in your current CRM system; other email marketing software is “stand-alone”. Some email software can only provide distribution of your email marketing, while others feature comprehensive statistics and feedback facilities. When choosing email marketing software, the following in mind: Integrated or stand-alone email marketing software: online or offline Some email marketing software can be integrated in your current CRM software. This may be more expensive, but most likely will be the best solution for you. Some email marketing software is online, meaning you can manage your campaigns and check the statistics on another site, providing a versatile service, while there are programs that need to be installed on your computer. Think about the best possible solution for your business is by taking into account how many people will use it. The email marketing software features The tools that are integrated with the email marketing software are the most important factor. If you do not have the right tools then there is almost no reason to having the email marketing software you are using. The email marketing software you seek should have tools that:
  • Provide simple management of your subscriber lists;
  • Provide distribution of target emails i.e. you should be able to create several different groups of subscribers and post messages to each group;
  • Provide easy subscription/un-subscription facilities;
  • Provide detailed statistics, displaying how many emails were sent, the number that were opened, tracking links and percentage information about various
  Email marketing software reports Good email marketing software has some automatically generated statistics and reports. This should include SPAM complaints, bounces, un-subscriptions etc.   Email marketing software suppression Email marketing software should have an automatic suppression list that automatically removes subscribers from your mailing list when they unsubscribe.