Email Marketing Techniques

email marketing
email marketingEmail marketing is a new marketing platform that allows organisations and firms to create messages, send, and regulate their communication with new and potential customers.  It involves sending mails in order to improve the relationship between a business and its clients. This new method of marketing came about as a result of innovations by creative individuals who wanted to lower the cost of marketing as well as increase the benefits. The road has however not always been smooth for email marketers. This is because in some countries such as the United States and the UK email marketing has often been limited by strict laws governing communication via emails. For instance the European Privacy and Electronic Communications Act of 2003. Therefore, with such laws Email marketers should be cautious so as to operate within set guidelines. There are many strategies of email marketing that do not violate these laws for example, email markets can choose to use opt-in email marketing. In this type of email marketing, email marketers should seek their clients consent before sending marketing messages to them. This takes a lot of time but it saves the email marketers from the agony of being embarrassed with so many law suites, after all, it is always said that prevention is better than cure. The good thing about opt in email marketing is that the message is always anticipated by the client. This method results in mutual benefit for both the marketer and the client since both achieves their goals. An example of opt in email marketing is a situation where a business sends a catalogue to their clients. In such a case, the business should have asked for permission to send such materials to that client. If the permission was granted, the business can go ahead and sent the catalogue because it is assumed that the client will benefit from that email one way or another. This type of email marketing can be automated by storing the contacts of those clients who allowed the business to use their addresses in a data base after which promotional materials can be send automatically. Also, email marketers should respect the fact that not all customers are homogeneous. This means that different customers have different tastes and preferences. They should therefore categorise all their customers according to their characteristics. Another potential way to employ email marketing without violating privacy laws is to use transactional emails. These are emails that are designed to respond to a client’s queries. They include clients making orders, and acknowledging receipt of products among others. But how can promotional messages be incorporated into this type of email marketing. The answer to this question lies with the software vendors. Finally email marketers can send direct messages.   To do this, email marketers collect all the addresses of customers as well as potential clients. They then create messages that are solely meant for promotions. Email marketing is a method that has been proven to work. So after doing all this, email marketers can sit and enjoy the increased return on investments.