Email News Letters for Marketing

email newsletterIs email newsletter marketing dead? Some people have written off the email newsletter, but is it really the case? Email newsletters are still very much alive; but in any case the email newsletter is still one of the best ways to connect regularly and stay relevant with both current customers and prospects. Spamming has been the greatest challenge faced with email newsletters, making a lot of people consider email newsletter marketing as dead. However, if you have genuine email newsletter subscribers and you are not in violation of any anti-spamming regulations, email newsletters can be a very useful marketing tool that can be exploited regularly. Email newsletters are a great extension to the regular business communication channels that can help in reaching out to potential clients and existing customers. It is also important to understand the design trends in email newsletters and best approaches used in achieving maximum benefits. The first step before creating an email newsletter is to get the subscribers. This is a very important step in working with email newsletters. The subscription process should be made as intuitive and as easy as possible. Email newsletter subscription is an opportunity for website users to give permission allowing for continuous contact with them and should be taken seriously. For email newsletter subscriptions, it is good make sure that the form fields used to request user information are as few as possible and avoid requesting unnecessary details that might turn off potential subscribers. For Email Newsletters, the information needed should be just an email address and maybe a just name. After acquiring email newsletter subscribers, there are a few dos and don'ts that must be observed to ensure successful implementation of an Email Newsletter. Do not start an Email Newsletter if you cannot commit to delivering it regularly and consistently. If it is a monthly Email Newsletter, it should be delivered on the same date and same time every month without fail. This will be a sign to your email newsletter subscribers that your company is committed to delivering on its promises. Besides, this will go a long way in developing trust between you and your customers. Today more and more people are browsing the web via mobile devices and it is important that your email newsletter be readable from all mobile devices. If your email newsletter is not designed to be easily read from Android phones, Windows Phones and iPhone you could lose as much as 80% of your target market. Research shows that up to 87% of C-level executives read the majority of their emails from mobile devices. Another important thing to consider with email newsletter marketing is ensuring that you do not bother your readers. Avoid lengthy email newsletters that force a user to scroll down to find actual useful content in your email newsletter. An ideal email newsletter should contain 2 to 3 interesting sentences followed by links to blogs, videos or a promotional offer. It is also important not to use an email newsletter as a sales tool. Email newsletters are best suited for building relationships and nurturing prospects and customers. Email newsletter should be a medium to remind your customers that you are still in business.