Gold Coast Email Marketing – 6 Tips to improve your deliverability

Perhaps you have already compiled a Gold Coast email marketing list based on users who subscribed to your site. Most likely, these subscribers gave you permission to send company newsletters and updates to their inbox. However, some people may originally agree to receive emails, but then end up deleting your messages and marking them as spam. Unfortunately, many people do not differentiate between emails that are unsolicited and emails that are simply unfamiliar to them. ReturnPath, an email performance firm, did a recent study where they found that 44% of people asked said that they got junk emails from senders they were familiar with. Out of those people, 55% said that they simply deleted emails that they were not interested in, while 27% reported those emails as spam, even if they knew the sender. This bad news for your Gold Coast email marketing, as it means that people may be reporting your emails as spam even though they joined your mailing list. If your emails are marked as spam too often, you could face serious problems with your Gold Coast email marketing. Top online companies like Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo! determine what your email sending reputation is. If your emails are marked as spam too often, this could prevent you from being able to send emails to other clients on your Gold Coast email marketing list. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your sending reputation and ensure your emails get to your client's inboxes. 1. Use your company name in the 'from' section. This way your clients will know exactly where the email is coming from, and will be less likely to delete it and mark it as spam. 2. Be clear and straightforward in your subject line. Make sure that your clients know exactly what the email is about so they can choose to open it or delete it rather than simply marking it as spam. 3. Use information that is useful for your clients. People are more likely to open an email if they are interested in the content. If you constantly send your clients information that is useless or irrelevant, they may feel more inclined to mark your emails as spam, even if they know who you are. 4. Refresh your subscriber lists regularly. If you have email addresses on your Gold Coast email marketing list that are no longer working, get rid of them. The ISPs see when you send out emails to nonexistent addresses, and this could lower your sending reputation. 5. Authenticate your emails. This way the ISPs will take notice of you and your emails may be delivered with fewer problems in the future. 6. Ask your clients to confirm their subscription via email after they sign up on your site. This confirms that your clients actually want to receive your emails. In addition, they will be more likely to recognize future emails from you as safe. You can do yourself and your clients a huge favor by taking a few simple steps to make sure your emails are clear, useful, and received by request. This way your client's will be happy, the ISPs will look favorably upon you, and your Gold Coast email marketing plan will be that much more effective.