How to Not Spam When Utilising Email Marketing

email inboxThe first thing that comes to mind when email marketing is mentioned is spam. This is due to the fact that many an email marketing user do in fact send spam instead of good marketing material. Not only can this get emails send to the spam box, it can give a company a bad reputation. It is however possible to market by email without spamming however. One way to avoid sending spam is to ensure that you are sending real email marketing newsletters. The idea is to send out information about what is happening in your company and your industry. The information is meant to educate and be interesting. A person that signs up to receive a newsletter will not mind a little marketing if the newsletter is primarily news rather than marketing. It is also not a good idea to send out email marketing too often. If your email list hears from you once or twice a month, they are going to be more likely to actually read what you have sent them than if you send them a marketing email every few days. The less frequent email is likely to be seen to be more important and will also likely be good to read. It indicates that the content has taken time to accumulate and may have much more worth to the reader. Another good practice to avoid having your email marketing labelled as spam is to ensure that there is a clear and easy to use opt out link in the mail that you send. In the event that someone is no longer interested in receiving your mail having an easy way to stop the mail rather than assigning it to spam is far better. People will be more inclined to click a link to unsubscribe than go through the black listing process. Email marketing does not have to be spam. In fact, it works better if it is not spam. The next time that you use email marketing software, make sure you think about the content you are sending and make it a worthwhile read.