HTML Coding Holds a Bright Future In Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing is an essential tool for marketers because of its ability to specifically target clients or consumers at different levels of client-maturity thus producing results that are more effective. However, this mode of marketing is faced with challenges especially in delivering the content in the right structure to recipients and this is why you need a professional to sail you through the email marketing campaign. Bulky email marketing is used to deliver contents like promotional deals, product information, brand newsletters, social media content and other important details that need to be communicated to the recipient. Over the years, there have been technological innovations, which threaten the future of HTML in email marketing such as anti-virus programs that block web beacons. Other programs, which pose a challenge in HTML-coded bulky email marketing contents are such as aggressive spam filters, blacklists, email programs that turn images off by default, and outlook 2007. However, despite all these bottlenecks, the use of HTML coded messages in bulky email marketing will continue to prosper. Marketers need not be obsessed with coding tricks and CSS hack or flash compatibility but dwell more on simple designs on the messages. Your email marketing campaign will need HTML coding something, which may not be easy for a neophyte. In real sense, what makes HTML email marketing so hard for marketers is not the design or coding aspect but it is actually delivering the content properly. You do not just attach your HTML files and images to an email marketing content and send them. If this happens, when recipient opens the HTML files, your images will be broken and this is because the email program stores them in a temporary folder in your hard drive. Even if you manage to have the emails displayed properly on the recipient's' side, there will be some recipients who will not be able to view the HTML email marketing files in their programs. It is essential that you sent the HTML together with a plain text version of the message for those who would not be able to read them clearly. To send the email marketing messages in both HTML and plain text alternative versions, you need to send in multipart or alternative MIME format. For marketers, using email software or pre-designed templates may help address these pitfalls of email marketing campaigns. Cleaning bounces and unsubscribes are other challenges you encounter when doing email marketing. List management is very essential because it helps you sort out the potential emails that can be converted into sales. It is not advisable to send mass email marketing unless the recipient has granted you permission. It is most likely that after every email marketing campaign you send, there will be bounce backs. There are two overall types of bounce backs and they include soft bounces referring to recipients who were temporary unavailable or due to server downtime, and hard bounces where the email marketing message is undeliverable to the address. Hard bounces must be removed immediately. If you continue sending messages to hard-bounced emails, you may risk your messages being blocked in future by the servers. Similarly, unsubscribe requests need to be handled right away.