Increase the open rate of your mass email in Australia

Mass email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your Australian business' customers or loyal subscribers. You can use mass email marketing to keep them informed of upcoming products, provide them with changes or updates about the industry or to simply remind them of your company's existence. A successful marketing campaign can lead to several rewards on your customer's behalf. These often come in the form of increased purchases and profits. Unfortunately, most of these mass emails in Australia are never opened. They are disregarded as spam and are frequently deleted. As a result, a compelling and informative subject line is a necessity. It will catch their attention and make them continue reading. There are numerous tips and guidelines out there; all about creating effective subject lines. Here are a few of the best.

Personalising Mass Email

A personalised subject line is certainly an attention grabber. By using the recipient's name in the tagline, you are effectively targeting the mass email directly to them. It is recommended that you use further personalisation techniques, such as including their city of residence. An example subject line is, "Stacy, is Sydney boring you?" It is also important to offer products that the consumer already wants. This involves detailed data collection, and determining information about each person on the mailing list. This allows you to use a technique known as market segmentation. You create several different types of mass emails, and target each one to a specific group of people. Mass emails in Australia can be categorised by age, location, occupation, education level or income. This provides a fully customised and personalised experience to your customers.

Be Concise

Recipients hate reading mail that is long or mentally intensive. They naturally assume that it is mass email or spam, and will dismiss it with little thought. As a result, short subject lines that are quick and easy to read have a far less chance of being thrown in the trash. It has even been statistically proven that subject lines consisting of fewer than 41 characters have the greatest open and click-through rates. The best way to shorten your message is by not doing a detailed explanation of the mass email's content. You just have to capture their attention and entice them to read a little more. This can be accomplished by revealing a special offer, promotion or benefit. Always remember to put the most vital component of your message at the beginning of the subject line. Many mass email services in Australia have a tendency to cut-off the end of the message, rendering this content completely useless.

Use Simple Formatting

Almost no recipients will open mail that appears to be a sales pitch. However, they will open mail that is from friends, family or business contacts. As a result, your mass emails should be formatted appropriately. No one expects a close friend to send mail that is overloaded with capitalisation, exclamation marks or dollar signs. These are negatively associated with Australian mass email companies and are quickly thrown away. You should therefore make your subject line as simple as possible; avoid over-complicated messages.

Use Interesting Content in the Message

Successful subject lines cannot be attained without developing interest in the reader. You can capture their attention by sharing some compelling news. Most people are excited to be the first to learn about something, and will open the mass email to find out more. Curiosity is another popular technique. You can create a tagline that implies that the reader is unaware of some important piece of information. They will naturally open the mail to find out what that is. It is also effective to bring out a sense of urgency in the subscriber. Tell them that a promotion ends in a few days or that there are limited product quantities. Finally, the promise of a certain benefit is very compelling. Readers are especially enticed by methods of saving either money or time.

The Subject Line Must Always Relate to the Message Content

Australian recipients are not impressed when they've been coerced into opening a mass email, only to learn that the content has no relation to the subject line. This loses credibility in the business and can ultimately lead to a loss of business. It is also important to address subject line content at the very beginning of the mass email. This is because many people read their emails using the preview pane. In fact, MarketingSherpa claims that 26.6 per cent of consumers view their mail using this method, while 69 per cent of people do so in the workplace. You don't want to lose their attention or trust by sending them misleading information, or by taking too long to address the important details. Remember that the biggest hurdle in mass email marketing is getting the message opened. Most people receive hundreds of emails each day and discard most of it as Australian mass email companies making a sales pitch. As a result, it is of utmost importance that your mass emails stand out from the crowd. It requires an effective subject line to capture the attention of your recipients. This can be accomplished by a combination of personalisation, proper formatting and interesting content. These practices will undoubtedly lead to higher open and click-through rates, and eventually an increase in business and profits.