Is Email Marketing in Australia dead?

Here's an upsetting fact to consider, a study of returned email indicates that almost one fourth of email messages intended for Gmail never reached their targeted destination. This does not mean it is banished to a spam folder, or it becomes the victim of a failed delivery message, or it is even sent to a junk box. It is simply no longer there. It fails to be. Please note that I am not referring to spam. These are legitimate emails that you may have been expecting, but for some reason or another, Gmail did not deliver them. The problem does not solely exist for Gmail either. It encompasses most of Email Marketing in Australia. Users of Hotmail, MSN, Comcast, and AOL have all experienced problems along these lines. They have taken an all powerful position by making the choices for the consumers, whether their assistance is wanted, or not. They all make their decision, then delete emails they feel are not beneficial. Some of the emails they eliminate? They contain messages pertaining to outrageous and outlandish subjects like ways to draw people to a website, or how to find clients and possibly develop a profitable business through the use of the internet. These are the subjects, I must point out, that I discuss often in many of my email newsletters. I am pleased to say that the rate at which my emails are opened is excellent, averaging at about 75-80%, although I was once astounded by a 96.4%. This means my messages are getting delivered, read, and actually spurring action on the part of the recipients. This difference between what seems to be such a prevalent problem with Australian Email Marketing and what I am experiencing brings up a question. What sets my messages apart from the others? The Basic Trait of Most Email Much of the Email Marketing in Australia focuses on its own needs and performances. Instead of considering the needs and desires of customers, they waste precious time tooting their own horn with repeated boasts about their successes. All of my work, including my emails, and blogs, posted tweets, white papers stating a position or reports, even my autoresponders give my readers the attention. I provide them with information they may need, links they may find useful, and pointers. That does not mean that I do not promote myself. I certainly do, but only 5% of the time. The rest of the time I am catering to my clients needs through my Email Marketing in Australia. I make every effort to give them what they need. The Entertainment Value of Email People like to be entertained. Boring simply does not draw attention and get positive results. Boring also has lot to do with not focusing the attention where it should be focused, on the recipient. Sound familiar? When I get message after message that follows this boring egocentric pattern through Australian Email Marketing, I am not even willing to waste my time by unsubscribing from their drivel. Instead, I sent every one to the trash through a rule that sends them there as soon as they show up. I do not even give them a chance. Sometimes, I allow them to accumulate in my spam filter. When I have a large collection, up to twenty or thirty, I delete them without a second thought. If you think about it, I could be much more vindictive. There are other people out there in the Australian Email Marketing world who would go so far as to mark these lifeless communications as spam and sentence them to literal nonexistence. Perhaps that is the explanation for all of those disappearing emails I mentioned earlier. It is not inconceivable that many of the emails you were supposed to get, but did not, bored the wrong recipients and were labeled as spam. It is a sad state of affairs. Email is Still Worth It There was a time when it seemed as though RSS was going to take the place of email. Email seemed to be a fad that belonged to the past. Blogs were the wave of the future. They were excellent for creating links. They were easily found with search engines. They were a form of communication that spanned the world for easy discussions. Many believed email was obsolete. Fortunately, those with something to sell realized email was still the superior vessel. Email lists in Australian Email Marketing worked better. They were more connected and generated more responses from recipients. They resulted in better sales. Email has a more personal factor than that of RSS; it is more social and engaging. According to reports from The Direct Marketing Association, email marketing results in better returns over every other medium. Word around the electronic communication town supports this report. Be Sure Emails are Good Enough to Get Through I find out when there are problems with recipients not receiving my emails. They contact me through my blog; they let me know through Twitter; they use a separate and different email. They use whatever means they can to tell me. This just illustrates that my readers are interested in what I am trying to say to them. It is going to benefit them, help them in some way, and maybe solve a dilemma they are dealing with. They have faith in my emails and look for them, and this is how I meet with success in 2009 with Email Marketing in Australia. Give your efforts all you have. Rewrite/reword. If you have an interest in a copyblogger try Aweber. Keep trying. If you do not put any further effort into your strategies, you will never discover that email is the way to go.