Make your emails work for your subscribers

successful email marketingTailoring an effective email marketing campaign takes a certain degree of finesse. It goes without saying that simply buying a list of addresses and sending out your email marketing blast to every single one will do little more than annoy and alienate the recipients, while damaging your brand and getting your domain added to numerous blacklists as a spammer. What, then, should you keep in mind when constructing a quality email marketing strategy? First of all, your email marketing list should be strictly opt-in. You only need to send out your mails to the people who really want to read them. Avoid spamming by building and curating a responsive list of addresses for your email marketing project. Choose a "From:" name that looks and sounds professional, preferably your company name. Deliverability of your email marketing messages will be better if you include a reminder for your readers to add your address to their contact lists. A really great marketing email begins with a really great subject line. Keep it short and punchy. Most importantly, keep the focus on the customer and what you can do for them. In the body of your email marketing messages, you include content that's relevant to your intended recipients.