Making an Effective Email Newsletter

If you have email addresses from previous clients, an email newsletter can be a great way to increase your business and brand name. There are two big considerations you need to make in order for a email newsletter to be effective. One is being able to compel the receiver into opening the email. Secondly is providing informative content that is well organized and interests the receiver into further reading. When someone receives an email newsletter, they will either save it for later, open it now, or just delete it. The very first thing they will consider is the title. The title needs to be engaging, creative, and something that absolutely tempts the receiver to open it. If it doesn't, they will simply delete it without ever opening it up. Once the reader has opened the email newsletter, they are likely to scan it. They are determining if it's something of value to them. Proper headlines, along with informative content are a huge factor when it comes to them wanting to continue looking through the email newsletter. A good example of a properly formatted email newsletter would be placing links with all the different topics at the very top. This will allow the receiver to quickly scan the topics and determine if there is something informative for them to go through. If there is a topic they enjoy on the newsletter, they can quickly click the link and they are directed to that topic.