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  • Save Money and Increase Your Bottom Line with Mass Email Marketing

    By using a mass email, you will be able to save your business money on their total marketing costs. Unlike all of the expensive pay-per-click campaigns, a mass email campaign is relatively inexpensive. You can send out marketing emails at regularly scheduled intervals to an opt-in mailing list for a fraction of the cost of […]

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  • What Mass Email Software Does for Your Business

    A marketing tool that lets you send many types of information digitally to several email addresses at one time is mass email software. This is an automated process which helps you to manage your mail lists and content of your emails so you can reach out to the largest amount of people as simple and […]

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  • Maximizing Your Mass Email Campaign

    The importance of a well devised mass email marketing campaign cannot be over emphasized. For years companies have been using email as a means of branding, marketing and even customer engagement. Mass email is a powerful tool that when properly used, provides exceptional results. Many only see mass email as a means of force feeding […]

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