What are The Considerations When Creating a Successful Email Newsletter Campaign?

email newsletterThe success of your email newsletter campaign will largely be determined by how well you capture the subject line, structure the links, use images, and manage the list. Your subject line is the first challenge you will meet when carrying out your email newsletter campaign. You need to ensure that the message is compelling and readers will want to open it and not put it in the trash folder. When creating your subject line, you need to ensure that you do not use words or symbols that could trigger spam filters to block your email newsletter campaign. The subject line should not be created in all caps as this may sound like you are shouting to your recipients. It is essential that you put your most important information at the top of the page because most people will only see the first part of the email newsletter before they begin to open it. If the information at the top is catchy and inspiring, it will draw the attention of the reader and encourage him or her to open the rest of the document. The aim of an email newsletter is to compel readers to seek for more information and this is why links are essential. The links in an email newsletter will enable the reader to get to the main website where he or she can get more information. If you are using a single column layout for your email newsletter, you may need to use a header containing a logo and some navigation links, which lead to the patent website where the brand features and information is reinforced. Similarly, the footer at the bottom of the one-column email newsletter may contain links, which are identical to the ones at the top navigation and in addition, instructions and links for unsubscribing. Another aspect that needs to be emphasised in an email newsletter is the use of the white space. You should not use every inch of the space as this may make the page look crowded, something that could confuse readers. Using the white space effectively offers an open and inviting feeling that inspires the reader to gain confidence in the content. When using images, they need to be used properly as too many graphics can cause distortion. Graphics add character, excitement, flair, and authority in an email newsletter. The graphics could also be overwhelming when used inappropriately. When using images, you need to make sure that all the graphics use the alt, width and height attributes. If you correctly set the values for these attributes, you are able to improve the display of the email newsletter in the mail readers like GMail. It also helps maintain the layout when the reader software programs are turned off. One thing you need to know is that Outlook does not recognise the alt attribute of your images. Moreover, you need to avoid using large images above the fold in an email newsletter as this may be viewed as spammer practice that could cause your email newsletter to be interpreted as spam mail.