What to do to Prevent Bad Emailing

bad emailMost consumers who use the Internet on a regular basis are receiving at least 300 emails every week and 65 percent of those are probably spam. That is why it is so important for businesses to plan ahead and make sure that their email marketing campaigns are permission based, whether using email marketing Software, an email marketing service or email marketing newsletters. No matter what email marketing method is used, it's extremely important to make sure that recipients are permission based users only. In spite of the fact that bulk folders and spam filters in most email programs help to avoid spam for most email users, an effective email marketing campaign is only effective when you avoid spamming anyone in the first place. This can be avoided only by aiming your email marketing campaign only at email recipients who have opted in to receive your email marketing content. Here are some hints to help you with your campaigns using email marketing software: · Check to be sure that your email marketing service provider is maintaining an excellent relationship with all Internet Service Providers. This can help you to be sure that your emails end up in your subscribers’ inboxes, not in their spam folders. · If you are using an email marketing Service, make sure that they maintain a strict spam policy and are compliant with Can-Spam email marketing laws. · Remind recipients to add your email marketing’s email address to their safe sender list. So, whether you are putting together an effective email marketing campaign for your business by utilising email marketing newsletters, avoiding spam at all costs is a really important goal. Nobody likes spam and it can actually stop your campaign efforts dead their tracks, you could also incur fines and penalties for spamming. A few initial steps to avoid any spam issues can mean the difference between a successful email marketing campaign and an unsuccessful email marketing campaign.