When Sending Mass Emails Timing is Everything

Timing your mass email newsletter sends is vital to any campaign you undergo in email marketing. Sending out a beautiful email template is pointless if nobody sees it in their inbox. Many people think that the time that you send an email is irrelevant, and that the recipient will find their email regardless of how many emails are in their inbox. This of course could not be further from the truth. The time that you send an email marketing newsletter can adversely affect the chance of it being both seen and read. Take this scenario for example. It’s Monday morning and you have not checked you emails all weekend. You’ve just opened your inbox to check your mail. Chances are for the average person that you will have a lot of emails in your inbox that you will need to “sift” through to clear it out. Now amongst those many emails may be one that you usually look forward to reading. It could be an email marketing newsletter from a company you deal with regularly. Now the fact that it’s Monday morning and you have what seems like a mountain of emails to sort through, you get lazy and filter all emails not related to work and either mark them as read and archive them to clear them or delete them with the notion that you are deleting all the “non-important” emails. Now given the same scenario but the timing of the email marketing campaign arriving in the inbox changing, there can be a dramatic difference in the result. Let’s say for instance that in a particularly full email inbox that it will take about an hour to clear. Once the inbox has been cleared of both work and commercial mail. The very next email that is sent will become the most important email in the inbox and will receive the most attention as it will be the only email in the inbox. By this logic you can see the effect it would have on a campaign to take a subscriber’s routine into account and send it an hour after the subscriber would usually start clearing their inbox.