Why Bloggers Should Have an Email Newsletter

Many bloggers don’t bother having an email newsletter, but they should. Besides search engine traffic, a newsletter is the most important way to drive traffic to your blog. Bloggers who sell things such as eBooks already know the benefits of having an email newsletter, and have written extensively about the benefits of having one, and how they help drive up the sales. But just because you aren't selling anything, don't discard the idea. Newsletters can be beneficial to "regular" bloggers as well. An email newsletter can push your message to your most engaged readers. Not everyone uses social media, but almost everyone uses email. Receiving a personal email newsletter from you is friendlier, and makes your reader feel more "special." Readers feel more connected to you and are more likely to take the time to read your message. You can talk directly to your reader in a way that is more personal and intimate than social media or even your blog. Your email newsletter can be used to give your reader an overview of what's going on with your blog and you can provide links for them to click on to get more of the story. Many readers get busy with other things. Receiving an email newsletter from you will remind them that it's time to visit your site.